Wolf Song

By: ThunderKathryn


If you are part of the cast and are not listed below, then don't panic. Only the main characters, Producers I am associated with and animators are listed below. (If you want to know the Voice Actor of a character not listed below, then click Here)

In Assosiation With...

ThunderKathryn Productions



Want to add your productions team to this list? Then register here and contact me through the QandA or send me a message. You could also go to youtube.com and send a message to ThunderKathryn. I would be happy to hear from you! All you have to do is tell me what you are best at doing. Whatever it may it be... animation, audio, conducting, casting, sketching, coloring, shading, etc...   if you want to be apart of this then slip me a message and I'll add you to the list.

Voice Actors

Raina: gabevanhelsinggrl13

Brendan: TylerNeinast

Balder: TheTigerwolf55

Chance: TheTigerwolf55

Lightning: TheTigerwolf55

 Zar: Subsonicfire

Onora: Butterflyidentity

Alador: Inbasul


Arrow: magicofwolf

Yazmine: Mudpups12

Holly: Strifertheangelwolf

Damien: Saberclawproductions

Kara: Craziergirl1870

Eddy: AdamicTheory48

The Death Alpha: ItsBEASTLYTime

Leader of the B Squad: ItsBEASTLYTime

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